MHSAA Update on Fall/Winter Sports

Adrian, MI – Today the MHSAA released its plan for the return of Fall and Winter sports, which were halted under the latest move by the Michigan DHHS in response to rising numbers of cases of COVID-19.  Fall and Winter sports are proposed to resume on December 9, 2020.

Three Fall sports (football, volleyball, and girls swim & dive) were halted on November 15th in the middle of their respective state tournaments.  Under the MHSAA plan, all these sports will resume on the 9th of December, if allowed by Michigan DHHS.

Volleyball will be the quickest to finish with quarterfinals on 12/15, semi-finals on 12/17-18, and finals on 12/19.  Swim and Dive will conduct their finals on 12/22 (Diving) and 12/23 (Swimming).  Football will resume on 12/15-16 with the 8-player semi-finals and 11-player regional finals.  Finals for 8-player teams and 11-player semi-finals will be played on 12/21-22, and finals for 11-player teams will be held at Ford Field on 12/28-29.  The 8-player finals will still be held at Midland Community Stadium.

Winter sports will also resume workouts on 12/9, with all competitions allowed to begin on 1/4/21.

-by John Roberts

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