2024 Cave All-County Wrestlers Announced


Adrian, MI – The 2024 Cave All-County Wrestlers were announced on Inside The Cave Thursday morning. Jeff Bowman compiled the list, with some input by Ian Wendt. Considered criteria include how the wrestler placed at the State Tournament, their performance at the Lenawee County Meet, and their overall accomplishments during the season. The athletes below are listed alphabetically, by school.

1st Team 

Adrian- Diego Orozco

Clinton- Nate Arntz, Connor Younts, Bryce Randolph, Braylon Long

Hudson- Colt Perry, Nicholas Sorrow, Julien Kimling, Cole Marry, Coy Perry, Austin Marry, Logan Ryan

Madison- Malaki Mosher, Jalonn Borders, Logan Russell

2nd Team

Addison- Jaxon Whittemore

Adrian- John Breckel, Micah Blaker

Blissfield- Gage Rothman

Clinton- Wyatt Hicks, Cliff Jones, Hamza Rafferty, Maurice Ames

Hudson- Jaxton Kimling, Chase Clark, Jacob Pickford, Barron Mansfield

Madison- Lukas Leonard

Tecumseh- Max Bledsoe

2024 Girls All-County Team

Clinton- Faith Blackburn, Raven Aldridge, Annabelle Howard

Hudson- Grace Miller

Madison- Arayah Tindall

Honorable Mention

Addison- Mike Beard, Caleb Potts, Iverson Espinoza-Rojo, Byron Creech, Joe Clark

Adrian- Cameron Trevino, Khrystyan Young, David Aranda, Nehemiah Vasquez, Jace Miller, Chance Lowell

Blissfield- Jude Rosas, Sean Samuels

Clinton- Zach Taylor, Dyaln Badge

Hudson- Owen Loop, Cameron Miller

Madison- Lucas Dopp, Paul McClure, Landon Mohr

Morenci- Zachary Martinez, Anthony Perez

Sand Creek- Wyatt Fox, Jacob Schamburger, Gavin Marks, Daniel Meckley

Tecumseh- Wyatt Andrews

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