50 Years at the Helm: Morenci’s Kay Johnson Celebrated by Former and Current Players

Morenci, MI – 50 years. That’s how long Kay Johnson has been coaching Morenci Softball. The special milestone was commemorated by a gathering of former players, coaches, and friends Wednesday afternoon.

Rain delayed what would have been a doubleheader contest against rival Sand Creek, but that did not stop the special moment for Coach.

Below are pictures from the event at Morenci High School, with former players of Coach Kay organized by decade. Yes…by decade.

Morenci Bulldog Softball Players from 1970-80
Bulldogs from the current decade, 2022-2022
Morenci Softball players from 2010-2020
Bulldogs from 1980-1990
Morenci Bulldog softball players from 1990-2000
Bulldogs from 2000-2010
The current Morenci Bulldogs softball team (2022) celebrating the 50 years of coaching by their leader, Kay Johnson

*Photos courtesy of Ashley Pfund*

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