WR Antonio Brown Joins Oakland Raiders Training Camp After Losing Helmet Grievance

Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown finally joined the team at their training camp facility in Napa, Calif. on Tuesday, his first appearance with the team since July.  Brown has not been with the Raiders for all of August due to a foot injury that he suffered in a cryotherapy chamber. In addition, he was out last week due to a helmet grievance against the NFL.

An independent arbitrator ruled against Brown on Monday and Brown posted on Instagram on Monday night, writing he’s “looking forward to rejoining my teammates on the field.”

Brown is still on the hunt for an acceptable helmet for 2019. His previous helmet, the Schutt Air Advantage, has been outlawed by the NFL because it is not certified by the National Operating Committee for Standards and Athletic Equipment.

AB returns to camp, wants fans’ help for helmet

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Editorial credit: Nando Machado / Shutterstock.com